Plate Bending

Here at D&B, we are the proud owners of four high-quality press brakes with varied capabilities and strengths. Compounding the tonnage and length of three of our brakes, we have been able to construct a perfectly capable sixty-foot brake. Using the precise alignment techniques of our skilled employees, we are able to bend a variety of fabrication components including, but not limited to, channels, angles, heat exchanger parts, supports, and both half-shell and full-shell utility poles.

Our newest and most prized addition to the press brake family is a 60’ capacity brake by Accurpress that employs a remarkable 3000 ton capacity alongside an unbelievable 60” throat depth. In addition to these physical attributes, the brake is also designed with a moderate level of artificial intelligence that maximizes efficiency while minimizing user error. We pride ourselves in obtaining one of only two sold in the country.